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Next raid (on live) is Thursday @7pm server! If you have a beta key, please post your raid availability in the Beta Towne forums so that we can get the new raids going as well.

Kung Fu Treachery News

October 25th

Heroic 10m Lich King

Hey, what's up? How was your weekend? Oh, you know, a little drinking, socializing...oh, and a Heroic 10m Lich King kill. How was yours?


Grats everyone for being badasses and downing one of the (besides 25m) hardest encounters in the entire game!

  • Hpnotik: Grats on 10man H.LK guys!!
September 13th

Heroic Putricide

Great job on the Progression kill, two more to go! 

August 6th

Ruby Sanctum Cleared!

Good job working at it.  On to Hardmodes.

August 2nd

Great Job on our first full 25 Raid, Lich King Down!

  • Toefoo: Grats sexies <3
  • Hpnotik: Pwn@ge
July 14th

Lich King is a beeeeeeeetch

So, our first foray into ICC10 (with 8 people who've never killed LK, and at least 6 who've never even seen him) yielded a full clear. Are we awesome? Yea, I'd say so. Grats guys, let's keep this train rolling when we start 25 this week!


July 12th

Lich King down in first week!

  • Toefoo: Most pro photo editing ever.
  • Hpnotik: L33T
July 10th

Making waves

So we're nearing the end of the first week of our "serious" raiding, and we are doing better than I could have hoped. Every single person has contributed 110% and made our first week smooth as butter, as well as built a solid social foundation where everyone can relax and have fun with everyone. I touched on this before, but our core group so far is ridiculously awesome and rivals the roster of any of the top guilds currently on Azuremyst. Thank you again to everyone who came over to raid with us; We owe all our current and future success to you.


We are currently completely closed on melee DPS. We have numerous openings for ranged DPS, particularly for Mages, Warlocks and Elemental Shamans. There are also a few healing spots open, so if you are interested in either role or know someone who is, please drop us a line.


As it stands, the guild is already poised to take the server by storm and even surpass the progression of the top guilds we all have come from. I can't stress enough how amazing our core group is; I am truly blessed to have a guild with such talented people. We're looking to faceroll 10man LK tomorrow and then begin our 25man domination after the weekly reset. Again, if you are looking for a progression-oriented guild or know someone who is, please stop by!



July 6th

Zomg We R Raid?

So last week, we dipped our feet back into the proverbial raiding waters with some 10mans; They went swimmingly (mind the pun). With more and more members joining us shortly, we will be preparing to start steamrolling 25mans and carve out our place at the top of Azuremyst. 


As far as raid times go, it appears we are settling on a 7pm-11pm (PST/PDT) schedule. The actual days are still up for discussion, but I can tell you right now that we won't be touching Mondays with a 20ft pole. My proposition is Tues-Fri, or possibly Tues-Thurs if we can all get our asses in gear and faceroll content in three days instead of four.


As of right now, we're about to close the doors on melee DPS. We are pretty much filled to the brim with Warriors, Rogues, DKs and Paladins, so if you know any awesome ranged DPS or healers who would like to participate in some treachery of a kung fu nature, send them this way!



June 29th

Raids coming

Time for that update!


Many of our core members have reached 80 and are rapidly obtaining their welfare epics, which means it's time to get ready to faceroll ICC10. All current members should be working on being raid-ready (no you don't need zomgBestInSlot) or finalizing your lvling. We will probably end up pugging 2-3 slots depending on our makeup the first week, but I'm planning on having a full KFT raid going before the end of July.


As a reminder, we will be raiding 25s in Cataclysm, so if you have any friends who aren't brain dead that you think may make a great fit, go ahead and ping myself, Rhoenix or Urien. Gear and experience aren't going to be deciding factors, it will be how well they understand basic raid mechanics and how well they can take and implement constructive criticism. 

  • Rhoenix: and if they can take my verbal abuse
  • Hpnotik: Look forward to the hilarious mishaps
June 19th

What What...In The Butt.

With Cataclysm and Blizzcon on the horizon, the time has drawn closer to pull ourselves up by the alligator shoes and get things rolling.


Currently, all recruitment on Rogues has ceased. Seriously, why so many Rogues? If I run into another Night Elf Rogue, I may kill myself. May.


Anyways, things are looking great for KFT (oooo shit, starting with the acronyms.) We have a lot of ace players from past guilds coming aboard, and so far the roster is looking like Shaq-Kobe era Lakers. If you have friends who DON'T WANT TO PLAY A DAMN ROGUE that know how to stay out of fire and can pew pew/whack-a-mole/smash cooldowns to tank, then bring them over.


I'll have a more in depth update at the beginning of next week. Otherwise, get the word out and don't be a jive turkey.



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